Upper Bay Infrastructure Partners

Investment Strategy

Upper Bay pursues investments diversified across the infrastructure industry with an emphasis on a balanced portfolio construction that is designed to benefit from a basket of stable and mature infrastructure investments as well as growth-oriented platform investments that stand to profit from powerful macroeconomic tailwinds. In order to achieve what Upper Bay believes to be the most attractive risk-adjusted returns across the infrastructure industry, the firm combines a “top-down” approach to identify sector themes with a “bottom-up” philosophy to prioritize exclusive opportunities with successful operators and developers. Upper Bay’s assets will typically exhibit the following infrastructure qualities:

  • Real assets that provide essential services for the economy and community
  • High barriers to entry and monopolistic qualities based on contractual terms or regulatory regime and/or location
  • Predictable, long term cash flow underpinned by contracts or regulatory regime
  • Provide both current return and capital appreciation potential
  • High margins and cash distributions with lower volatility
  • Inflation protection
  • Creditworthy counterparties
  • Minimal exposure to commodity price volatility
  • Limited operating and technology risk
  • Multiple exit opportunities
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